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Hello everyone

I’m delighted and proud to say that Lusitano Horse Finder is continuing to receive amazing feedback. It’s truly wonderful to have so many long term friends, new friends and great partnerships.  It’s all thanks to you!

There is no doubt at all the Lusitano is the ‘NOW HORSE’ to have and lets face it who would not want one!  So many more riders everyday – all ages, all levels and from all over the globe are looking to this great breed and finding it inspiring!  I say long may this last! – These noble horses certainly deserve all the applause they are receiving.

We must not forget that it is thanks to the amazing Lusitano Breeders that we have so many top quality Lusitanos. The Breeders

With this rapidly growing interest and the huge increase in inquiries we are putting in places several new modern initiatives and partnerships to bring you the buyer, the breeder and trainer greater quality support and services. These new initiatives will help –

  • streamline your search
  • have more information at your finger tips,
  • greater choice
  • rapid replies
  • more professional marketing
  • greater global exposure and much more.


For starters I am delighted to announce we’ve formed a link with Ana Gonçalves and Eurico Moreira at AnaLusitanos to provide us with greater contact and support in the North of Portugal – where there are an increasing amount of quality breeders and trainers who deserve to be seen.

This partnership is based on our desire to be better at what we do – it does not mean increased prices – It means quality service.

Diamante AnaLusitanos have many years experience finding fabulous Lusos for their clients, including horses that are winning prizes around the World. They have always had great relations with clients and breeders alike and are known to be professional, friendly and honest in all they do.  It is an honor for us to have them alongside Lusitano Horse Finder ensuring we give you the best service we can.

Testimonial by Harriet Dean

“I first saw Catrina on an advert video on Utube and made contact with Ana. From my very first contact Ana was helpful, prompt and accurate with the information I required, she was patient answering all my questions and then in organising my visit to see Catrina. Everthing was made as easy as possible, I never felt hurried or pressured and when I made up my mind to buy Catrina Ana was marvellous in co-ordinating the vetting, doing the necessary paperwork with the Portuguese officials and eventually the transport company. All the way through the process of buying Catrina she kept me up-to-date with all that was happening by email. I had complete confidence in her and as time went on I felt she had become a more than an agent that I could trust but also a friend.”

Ana can offer –
Breeders and trainers regular visits for professional photos and videos
Buyers –  Assistance with your visits
Suggesting suitable horses
Vet checks etc.

I would like you to join me in saying Welcome aboard



Barroco Palomino Lusitano Stallion in USA
I am excited to say we are shortly going to start a page for your stories with your Lusitanos – Having found over 300 horses for clients around the globe I felt it was time to share just how well so many are doing.  I am utterly proud of the great partnerships and the joy they bring.  The results in everyone successes big or small speak for themselves.

We will be kicking off with Candace Platz and her lovely Luso boy Barroco – they have such a fantastic success story unfolding! Stay posted to read all about it.

Image by

If you have a story you would like to share send me an email

Thank you to everyone that has come to me to find and horse it’s always an adventure.  I look forward to meeting many more of you in the future.

Remember – finding Your perfect Lusitano can happen in an instant or it may take a little longer – but have heart, trust and patience – you will have your Dream Lusitano looking over your stable door.  Finding your Lusitano

SEE YOU AT GOLEGA!!!  if you would like to meet then feel free to message me TERESA

The stunning header image was taken at Emergosol Lusitanos with model  Tatiana Image is by Lena Saugen Photography

Miguel Ralão – On his Life

I am very determined that through Lusitano Horse Finder we bring to you not just information on ‘horses for sale’ but about the life in Portugal – the history, traditions, the people… in a nut shell ‘what makes it special’.  The Lusitanos are very much at the heart of Portuguese cultural and to extent have played a large part in shaping Portugal’s history. I believe to truly know your Lusitano is to understand how he evolved through history up to the horses bred today.When you know the history and then look at your horse it all falls into place. Indeed, you can almost feel the steps through times in his canter, his agility, his grace.

Of course it is not just about the past it is most importantly about now, today and the modern Lusitano. He’s still creating a stir in the world, not now as the mounts of Kings or on the battle field but in the International competition arenas and in so many peoples lives around the globe. Giving us joy as our perfect equine partners.

miguel 4Through our interviews with real people living and working with Lusitanos. Wherever it in modern sport, traditional sports, breeding and for leisure we hope to offer you a glimpse into ‘something more’ to a richness of tradition, culture and to modern Portugal. I’m over the moon and proud that the interest in our articles is gaining International attention, so much so they are being picked up by magazines and other media platforms to be shared to a greater audience.

Shortly, I will be publishing my latest interview – ‘A chat with Miguel Ralão’ – who has quietly achieved a large network of International admirers and is regularly receiving horses into his yard from all corners of the Globe. I think you will find what he has to say interesting and informative – so stay posted for it’s publication.

In addition please do stay in touch for our future articles and interviews – there’s a lot in the pipeline –  some surprises,  lessons, riding tips and ideas plus lots of smiles.  Certainly Miguel is a man with a big smile.

In next three months we will be introducing some major additions to the business that I hope will bring even more value to everyone that loves Lusitanos and Portugal.


Horsemanship China Horsemanship China Aug 2015Lena Saugen’s wonderful modern stylish work is getting more and more recognised by International magazines, galleries and equine tour companies etc.

She  has just been featured in Horsemanship Magazine in China – an 8 page interview and photos plus the front cover.  I am proud to say her work was spotted at our website.

I am also proud to be partnered with her. You will see her work is featured throughout our website and facebook page.

You can visit Lena’s website at Lena Saugen


Ebano by Andrea KjellbergIn addition we are now very fortunate have Andrea Kjellberg, she’s an exciting young photographer with so much talent we literally cannot wait to see how her already stunning work evolves. You can see examples at Andrea

Both Lena and Andrea are available to provide specialist personal photo shoots for you and your horse or other animals too.  Send us an email with your ideas and we will show how we can make it reality. For more details go to PERSONAL PHOTO SHOOTS


Article suggestions are always gratefully received so don’t be afraid to get in touch with any ideas or suggestions,  I’m always interested to hear. Have an idea, a story, a real life experience  message me at

Have fun and be happy

Teresa x